The Volvo: Part 3


Here we go...

I knew that in order to get the Volvo running, I had to --- at bare minimum --- replace the timing belt. This is frequently done alongside the water pump and timing belt tensioner. I knew that the alternator bushings were shot, the alternator tensioner was missing, and the v-belts in the engine were the wrong size. I decided to replace all the belts, the timing belt tensioner, all the front engine seals, the water pump, the timing belt housing, the alternator tensioner, and the alternator bushings. I had also broken a wheel stud doing the brakes, so I ordered a replacement for that.

I decided that while I was that deep into the engine, I might as well do some cleaning. It was recommended online that the throttle body be cleaned in older vehicles, and that the intercooler was known to collect oil in the bottom. Given that, I ordered a new throttle body gasket, and for the heck of it, threw some new parking brake shoes in.

Unfortunately, there's not too much to say about the actual repairs. Pictures tell most of the story.

Starting to take things apart Starting to take things apart

No alternator, no compressor, no problem. No alternator, no compressor, no problem.

That's one nasty water pump
That's one nasty water pump

Well $**t This was my first major f*** up. I had accidentally pushed the front crankshaft seal in much too far. This meant that I was going to have to remove the timing cover and extract the seal. This would unfortunately require a seal that I wasn't planning on replacing. Luckily, I had accidentally ordered this seal along with the timing belt cover, so the crisis was averted.

Well that's gross Well that's gross

Much better Much better

Part reinstalled Timing cover reinstalled

Timing belt in Running in time

Pretty and blue Pretty and blue

I decided that if I was going to all the effort to replace the timing belt, I was going to install the best belt I could. In this case, my options were Volvo OEM for $60, Continental for $10, or Gates Racing for $60. I ended up going with the Gates racing belt, because for the same price as OEM, why not?

This won't do Well this clearly won't do

Lovely Lovely

There's clearly something wrong here... There's clearly something wrong here...

Ordering parking brake shoes was a very good choice. The original shoes were falling apart as I tried to remove them.

After all that, the car was running and ready for inspection.

In part 4, our protagonist will begin chasing oil leaks...

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