The Volvo: Part 1

In which we are introduced to our cast:

The Protagonist - Me

A perhaps slightly unusual Computer Science major, who seems to have a knack for working with his hands. Has no formal training in automotive work, but is obsessive enough to feel the need to do everything himself. Also can not afford professional repair. Is learning to accept that he will always be grease-stained while he owns this car.

The Challenger - My Volvo

A bright red 1989 Volvo 740 Turbo, in need of serious care. Physically sound, but in need of love and care to restore its race-ready heart. Powered by a 2.3L Volvo B230FT turbocharged "Redblock" engine, it was originally rated for 162hp with 195 ft-lbs of torque. The engine is paired with some of the most comfortable seats ever shipped in a car, making it a truly formidable and comfortable ride.

The Enabler - FCP Euro

The best place on the internet to buy parts for European cars. Enables the protagonist to take on more projects than he really should. Bad for the protagonist's finances, but oh so much fun for him to browse.

The Antagonist - Autozone

An American chain of auto parts suppliers. Tends to stock low quality parts for exorbitant prices. Is frequently the only option if the protagonist needs a part immediately. Protagonist wants nothing more than to never have to shop here again.

In Part 2, we will be introduced to our challenger in greater detail.

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