The arrival of Film

10 rolls of Ilford HP5+ and 10 rolls of Kentmere 100, plus archival sleeves.


The interesting thing that I noticed while unpacking the box is that the packaging looks very... similar. Upon further inspection, it appears that both Kentmere and Ilford are manufactured by Harman Technology. I've shot with both of these films before, which is why I ordered them for my trip.

HP5 (in my opinion) gives comparable results to Kodak Tri-x and TMax films, at a significantly lower price. It produces very fine grain negatives, and is quite flexible about push processing.

Kentmere 100 was the first roll of film I ever developed and - despite it's exceptionally low price - produces very nice images, with a visually pleasing grain structure. As it's a low speed, it needs a fair amount of light, or a lens with a fairly low F-stop.

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