2 Weeks Left

Well, as of Friday, I have two weeks left until I'm boarding a plane for home. Over the next two weeks, we still have a lot of work to do. We're making our way through our data and analysis outline, after which the data and analysis section still needs to be written. Following that, we have the conclusion, introduction, executive summary, abstract, and appendices. Then it's just a matter of bringing it all into LaTeX for final formatting.

I'm not going to lie, this project has been grueling. I haven't been sleeping well, I'm not terribly happy, and the whole project feels like it could have been done just as easily from Worcester. I've powered through this far, and we're definitely going to have a decent paper. Could our sponsors have completed this project in a few hours by making a few phone calls? Probably. Still, at the end of the day, maybe it'll be useful.

I definitely haven't gone through as much film as I expected to. I think that as of yesterday, I've shot either 9 or 10 rolls. We've got a few more trips to take, so I'll have the opportunity to shoot a little more before we leave. Hopefully there will be some really good print-worthy shots. I'm certainly looking forward to developing them.

Not too much else to say. I've spent what little spare time I have watching TV or reading about cars. Specifically repair manuals and maintenance guides for my car. At this point, I'm fairly sure I could perform pretty much any repair the Volvo could need as long as it doesn't require welding...

And let's be honest, if it does require welding, I'll just learn how to do that next.

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